Nikola Gala

Thessaloniki // Rekids

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Nikola Gala began his musical journey around 1995 in Greece as a producer of a vast diversity of sound. As a Dj he quickly began playing on dancefloors in Tokyo, London, Madrid, Moscow and Stockholm.

Nikola’s musical output and DJ style has evolved and reinvented itself many times over the years, always incorporating fresh new elements while remaining relevant and interesting. The Rock Steady Ep released on Octopus Records in 2012 marked a turning point in his carrer. His productions became deeper the main focus changed from House to solid Techno. Jerome Sydenham even described this particular release as the official welcome of Nikola Gala to Techno.
Despite the constant adaptions of his productions to modern standarts one charasterictic of his music never changes: The raw energy, the uplifting vibes and the dedication for his audience.

Now in 2016 Nikola Gala has established himself internationally as a respected producer. His remix of Dustin Zahn’s Forward unto dawn on Sleaze Records is supported by DVS1, Ben Klock and Nina Kraviz.