Andrea Belluzzi

Berlin // Limited

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Andrea Belluzzi is an Italian producer born in Bari. He lived for years in Riccione, where he played in international clubs like Cocoricò. He is now living in Berlin and for many years where he became active in the techno scene. He’s the founder and owner of the labels Limited, Limited.g. Groover Platz and counts several releases on labels such as the legendary Synewave, AFFIN, Kaputt, Dynamic Reflection and many others… His skills at the decks and ability in techno production are launching his profile internationally, and made him play in the legendary Tresor club in Berlin and Fusion club in Munster, just to name a few. Andrea is faithful lover of vinyl, trying to be at the forefront with new releases: however, in his sets you can always find some old school pearls…